The construction and arranging of the Rector's Palace (35.846.625,00 kn)


This element includes both constructing the building and equipping it in order to ensure the existence of core infrastructural projects with the aim of fulfilling the purpose of this project. It is exactly this element that helps Rector’s Palace have an adequate function by satisfying the need for a showroom, as well as music and multimedia hall all at once.

In order for this project element to be successful in its implementation, the coordinator’s project team has launched an open public procurement procedure for the selection of a contractor and professional supervision. The construction task was assigned to Ploter d.o.o. while the professional supervision was assigned to Investinženjering d.o.o. Finally, project supervision was assigned to AB FORUM d.o.o.

Strengthening the capacity for managing the cultural and tourist destination (44.000,00 kn)

This element tries to develop the educational system which will raise the level of knowledge and skills necessary for the development of high quality tourism products and improve cultural tourist offer in the city in the long run. Department of Tourism and Communication Studies at the University of Zadar, as the project partner and in association with the entire project team, has conducted The International Summer School of Cultural Tourism with an aim to strengthen the cooperation and promote the exchange of views among students and professors in a cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary environment. The first summer school of that type was held from the 24th until the 29th August 2015 at the University of Zadar. The participants were students of partner universities and faculties: University della Svizzera Italiana (USI), Lugano; University of Zagreb; Turistica, Portorož (Slovenia); and University of Zadar. More information about The International Summer School of Cultural Tourism can be found on its official website:

The market positioning of the Rector’s Palace (635.000,00 kn)

The idea behind the development of a marketing plan and definition of the visual identity is to incorporate the Rector’s Palace into the future tourist offer of the city of Zadar. This element presents the marketing plan, photos, promotional video, the complete visual identity and the booklet of stories (Forgotten Zadar – untold stories). The whole procedure of its implementation is assigned to Croatian Designer Society.

Publicity and visibility (71.900,00 kn)

The project strives to continually acquaint the public with its implementation and all the benefits it brings by using the promotional tools from this particular element. At the very beginning of the project the opening conference was held, and during 2015 official website and promotional materials were created. Last but not least, the opening ceremony will be held in September 2016, by the time the project ends.

Project management and administration (1.202.126,00 kn) 

The project is managed by the project team that consists of: Project Manager, Assistant Project Manager, Public Procurement Expert, Assistant for the Admin and Finance Affairs, Expert in Exhibition and Museum Activities, Expert in Cultural Promotion, Expert in Cultural Tourism, and Expert in Promotion of Tourist Destination. This element contains the cost of the external audit of the project too.